Instacompute – computing infrastructure solution

by Lopamudra Roy Chowdhury    Dec 28, 2011

Every small and medium enterprise (SME) business owner aims to see his business grow fast. When companies are driving growth they make heavy demands on computing solutions. Instacompute provides that computing power to companies. It is a cloud based service with computing power on demand. It delivers Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to the clients, rather than being managed in-house. What this means in lay terms is that it caters to processing, storage, networking and other needs and provides access to them over Internet or a virtual private network instead of using hardware based within their offices. Instacompute offers multiple benefits to users. Being an Internet based IaaS it offers speed in marketing products. It is cost effective and stretches to accommodate the needs of the user. Among the many things it offers are, increased bandwidth and storage, improved computing power on demand and in real time. That means you can increase computing capacity without increasing costs. Also, there are no long term contracts or termination fees to worry about. Flexibility is one of the strong features of Instacompute. Services are easily customized to meet the needs of any business. For example, customers have the ability to customize firewalls, load balancers, and multicast networks. For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) it increases computing capacity without increasing capital expenses. Products can be brought to the market faster through instant service availability. It also improves customer satisfaction with enhanced performance and reduced latency. Hence, the attractive feature of Instacompute is that it monitors accountability tightly and enables better cost management. Instacompute provides application developers and testers with instant, flexible IT infrastructure to quickly design, code, test and deploy software solutions. It makes possible efficient capacity expansion to meet changing user demands on web applications. It is also works as an ideal provisional resource for IT especially short term, seasonal or promotional projects. It can be used when required and removed when the project is completed. Instacompute enables collaborative development and data sharing by team members of projects. It comes with a simple pay per use pricing structure. You pay per hour for computer resources and per GB data transferred for Internet connectivity. Platforms that support Instacompute are Windows 2003, Fedora, Ubunte and CentOS Linux.