Integration issues cause Indian cos to abandon 1 cloud app a year

by Sharon Lobo    Jul 01, 2013


When it comes cloud computing, most businesses are gradually moving from the phase of evaluation to that of adoption. Clearly, these organizations are looking to the cloud to change not only how they buy and consume IT, but also draw a clear line between technology and business impact. In fact, one of the main drivers for organizations deploying cloud applications is to improve operational agility and effectiveness.

Though this seems to be a good move, does it also mean that cloud applications are delivering on this promise? Actually No! According to a worldwide survey of 1,355 executives by Dynamic Markets commissioned by Oracle, operational silos are often preventing organizations from realizing the promise of improved business performance and highlighted the need for a broad set of integrated cloud applications.

In India, the survey found that 78% of companies that use cloud applications say their ability to innovate using their cloud apps has been hindered in some way, and the prime reason being the inability to integrate the cloud app with other software. Additionally, companies have abandoned roughly 1 cloud app a year due to integration problems.

The integration problems are so prominent that they are causing staff downtime in departments that do not even use cloud apps. In fact, according to the respondents, 25% said that their companies tried using cloud apps, attempted integration and were completely unsuccessful in their efforts. While, 47% believed they were only partially successful. And 38% did not anticipate the integration issues when the company first started using the cloud apps.

So now the question arises that how should businesses ideally address this issue. John Zanni, VP - Service Provider Marketing & Alliances, Parallels, suggests that businesses should take a gradual approach when adopting the cloud.

In spite of all this concerns, 74% Indian companies have a cloud strategy in place and are prepared to take the leap into cloud, that too irrespective of an organization’s cloud adoption status! 

It is high time that cloud solution providers address these integration issues and deliver integrated processes across all their lines of business with limited downtime and minimal costs or it wouldn’t be late for Indian companies to abandon more than 1 cloud app a year.