Intel reveals focus areas for 2011

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Dec 09, 2010

IntelIntel (NASDAQ:INTC) is trying hard to shed its image as just a chip manufacturer and the company has identified three areas to concentrate on in the coming year. These include development of new, hybrid mobile devices, energy management solutions, and leveraging its acquisition of McAfee (NYSE:MFE).

Speaking to reporters, B Suryanarayanan, director of sales and marketing, Intel South Asia said, the company was in dialogues with its partners for a possible energy management console for home and enterprise users that would allow them to control electronic devices remotely. He, however, said that the plan was at a very nascent stage.

On the mobility front, Intel is expecting tablets to see major adoption next year. “There will be a rise in hybrid devices that incorporate features of both tablets and laptops,” said Surya. One such hybrid is the Intel-based Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) prototype that was unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum earlier this year. If Surya is to be believed we could find more such devices hitting the stores next year.

Another interesting area that Intel is working on is a new operating system for smartphones and other mobile devices. Named MeeGo, it is being jointly developed with Nokia (NYSE:NOK). Though, Surya stated that Intel is not looking to launch pre-bundled devices running the MeeGo OS; it could be the OS of choice for Nokia’s range of smartphones next year. The OS will also be made available to other Intel OEM partners.

One thing that is still unclear is how Intel will leverage McAfee, which it acquired in a shock move this year. The company is playing this close to the chest and is not divulging much information even as suspicions are rife that Intel is looking to bring security down to the hardware level.

When quizzed about the company’s plans about McAfee and Infineon, a wireless solutions provider that it had bought in August, Surya would not give any details, saying that the acquisitions were still not closed and any comments would be premature. However, he did say that with a shift towards cloud computing imminent security would play a crucial role in the future.