Intel's Core 2 Duo Processor For Desktop & Laptops

by CXOtoday Staff    May 09, 2006

The Intel Core2 Duo processor is a new brand for Intel Corporation’s upcoming powerful and more energy-efficient processor families for desktop and laptop computers that will arrive in the third quarter of this year.

Formerly codenamed Conroe and Merom, the Intel Core2 Duo processors for desktop and notebook PCs respectively are based on the newly designed Intel Core microarchitecture and include two processing cores - or brains - per chip, hence the ‘Duo’ addition. Intel says that it will call its highest performing processor for enthusiast and gamers the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor.

According to Intel, these processors will be built on Intel’s advanced 65-nanometer design and manufacturing process technology, which shrinks processor circuitry and transistors. This combination delivers higher-performing, yet more energy-efficient processors that will spur more capable, stylish, silent and smaller mobile and desktop PCs while saving on electricity usage.

Having a common microarchitecture for consumer, gaming, notebook and business desktop, market segments will make it easier for developers to create more efficient software applications and share capabilities across all categories if necessary. According to Intel, dual-core processors include the industry’s largest integrated cache or memory reservoir called Intel Advanced Smart Cache.

The products support features like enhanced security, virtualization and manageability into the processors. Consumers and businesses will be able to purchase processors as a part of Intel’s market-focused platforms, a collection of Intel hardware and software technology innovation designed and tested together and tailored for specific computing needs.

The company offers wireless computing, in-home entertainment or business productivity platforms through its Centrino Duo mobile technology, Viiv technology and vPro technology brands respectively, all of which are powered by versions of new processors.

The ‘2′ signals arrival of a new generation of technology in the Intel Core processor line. In order to be consistent with current Intel Core processor naming, the company continues to use terms such as ‘Duo’ for indicating number of processing cores per product.