Internet-Based Products Hit Indian market

by Manu Sharma    Jan 12, 2009

Technology plays a very critical role in India s development and entrepreneurs are driving the way. A recent annual event focused on technology and innovation saw the launch of new products by budding Indian entrepreneurs.


Among the products that were launched include:

Snappy Fingers, launched a Question and Answer search engine, developed by Chirayu Patel. The product crawls and indexes FAQs on the Internet and displays search results in an easy to view Q&A format. So the next time you want to know what is Google Android or why is the sky blue just browse through snappyfingers, said Patel. The site is still in beta and has a database of approximately 10 million questions. The firm uses Amazon web services such as EC2 and S3 to build a generic framework which is scalable and fault tolerant. Unlike Google that offers cloud based searches, we cover FAQs, forums, blogs so far and our business model is purely on advertisements.


Varismo Networks has launched VuNow, that is set to redefine the home television experience by bringing millions of free Internet videos around the world directly to your TV, all this without a computer. VuNow is a platform that transforms the TV set into a powerful multimedia hub with a large choice and ease in accessing digital entertainment. The firm is a privately held and is headquartered in Mountain View. It charges $99 for basic and $149 for high-definition option., is a comprehensive online alerting services for delivering the right information at the right time. You can get alerts on earthquakes to real estate properties across the US, India and will expand all over Asia shortly, said Dharani Nandakuru, co-founder of Alertpedia. Once you specify what you like to be alerted about, the site moniters several reliable online sources and alerts you over SMS and emails. The firm is a slef-funded and is based out of New York and Bangalore.


Entrip, a mashup Web application for travel planner that tries to solve the main pain-points for consumers in online travel the lack of usability and user friendliness on the online travel web, as well as in the fragmentation of online travel services. Entrip has developed a new kind of web application and user interface: completely map based and interactive to overcome this problems. The promoter Nick Anthony, is a London-based  entrepreneur with office in Pune.


Cashnext, developed by entrepreneurs from Kanoor is a product that works on IVR independent of any service providers. It works on all networks has built products such as low cost ATMs, smart teller machines, POS terminal for mobile payment and branchless banking gateway.


The products were launched at the HeadStart Compute 2009, the annual conference focused on technology and innovation witnessed the launch of new products by budding entrepreneurs in India.