Internet Penetration Sees 23% QoQ Growth in India

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 28, 2008

Providing insights on how the Internet is being leveraged around the world, a recent report on the state of internet connectivity has stated a significant development in global connectivity in the third quarter. The various undersea cable projects getting underway or nearing completion along with the commercial launch of WiMAX services in a number of countries remained the major contributor in this development.

India ranked No. 20 in terms of number of observed IP addresses with 2.6 million connections. In Q3, the growth in IP addresses was 23%. China with 38 million and Unites States with109 million unique IPs, have been ranked at No. 2 and No. 1 respectively.

In terms of number of IP addresses per capita, India has been ranked at No. 153 with 2.3 unique IPs per thousand people. China being ranked at No. 94 had 30 unique IPs per thousand people and United States being ranked at No. 6 had 360 unique IPs per thousand people.

Regarding global connection speeds, South Korea had the highest levels of high broadband connectivity for the third straight quarter. China had 4.3% connections above 2 Mbps and United States had 64% connections above 2 Mbps. 74% Internet connections from India had speeds above 256 Kbps, while 5% had speeds above 2 Mbps- a 16% growth compared to Q2, which Indicates a gradual shift from dial-up speeds to high speed connectivity.

India ranked 12th in terms of global attack traffic origination in Q3, contributing 1.6% to observed global attack traffic - last quarter India was ranked at 15th.

The report also noted a gradual improvement in terms of IP per capita and foresees significant growth in Internet adoption in the coming years in India.

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