Is Social Media killing your business?

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 07, 2013

social media

In an effort embrace social media with open arms, many companies are actively encouraging their employees to use platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The reasons could vary from brand promotion to product selling, engaging with customers or to just creating a positive hype. But unmonitored or misdirected use of social media might just bring more harm than benefit, warn experts.

Are you wasting precious business hours?Responding to customer feedback, cultivating communities and engaging with clients on social sites can all be extremely exhausting. Even if you restrict the usage of social media to business purposes, it still requires a lot of time commitment. You may have to pull people out of other important activities. It would obviously leave them with lesser time for their core business functions like sales and marketing.

Don’t be part of a rat race

At times companies have no idea why they are on Facebook or Twitter. They just don’t want to be left behind in the race. They want to be seen smart and savvy and ahead of competition. Therefore, companies invest in having a social media presence just because everyone else is doing it.

Numbers don’t tell a story

Everyone seems to be running behind some numbers, trying to measure their impact on social networking sites. But number of followers, likes etc. may not always give you the true picture. Most of the people who are active on social media are led by social reasons and not business goals. As a result, most of these numbers could be quite misleading. Many companies even treat this like a game and use unfair means and tactics just to get ahead of competition in terms of likes or comments.  

Impact of negative comments

While some companies have started creating basic ‘Dos and Don’ts’ to guide their employees on using social media, most don’t have any such clear instructions. In the absence of guidelines, employees may use their own discretion to post comments or engage in conversations about their companies. Social media conversations can easily turn into arguments or heated debates. Everyone may not have the maturity to handle such tricky situations.

No proven link with sales

Although companies are using social platforms to attract more customers, there is still no proven metrics to show that a social media activity has actually translated into revenues. The discounts and freebies offered may not even reach the right audience.

Finally, one needs to really ask if it is worth spending resources on social media without any strategy or direction? Is doing more harm than good to your business?