Is your agency doing enough Scenario Planning?

by Hilton Barbour    Feb 22, 2011

agency planning Its likely we all have a seminal book that sticks in your mind as “THE” book that transformed your perspective on marketing. As an Ogilvy alumni I’d likely be burnt at the stake if I didn’t reference “Ogilvy on Advertising” Others that always bubble to the top include all the classic tomes; “Built to Last”, “Pursuit of Excellence”, “Being Direct” or more recently “Made to Stick”, “Hoopla”, “Groundswell” or “Trust Agents”. While there’s no denying that each and every one of those did have an impact, for me the book that shook up the ol’ grey matter most profoundly was Peter Schwartz’s brilliant book “The Art of the Long View”. In it Peter covered the alchemy and wizardry known as Scenario Planning and, quite literally, knocked me on my ass.

Derived from classic military tacticians, Scenario Planning came into vogue when Royal Dutch/Shell started using it as a core strategic development tool for the entire organization.

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