Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

by Priyanka Pugaokar    Apr 26, 2016

Google Mobile friendly Website Not having a mobile friendly website could cost to your business. The search engine giant, Google in its latest mobile search algorithm update said that non mobile friendly websites may rank lower in Google mobile search. It simply means that web pages that are easy to access on smartphones and tablets will get higher ranks in a Google mobile search over the websites with are not mobile friendly. Google’s move to promote mobile friendly websites, is believed to be a wake up call for digital marketers and business owners who are yet to recognize the mobile revolution that has deeply impacted the digital world.

Google has announced on its Webmaster blog that the company will boost the effects of the mobile-friendly algorithm which it launched back in April 2015. Today, when a site owner searches the non-mobile friendly site in the Google mobile search, Google displays a warning “Your page is not mobile friendly”. Significantly, this warning is only visible to site owners. According to report published in Search Engine Land, Google update which would happen in the beginning of May this year would increase the effect of the mobile-friendly ranking signal. However, the change would only apply to individual web pages and not the entire site. In other words, a site that has optimized some of its pages for mobile viewing can expect those pages to get preferential treatment in Google’s mobile search over pages from the same site that are not optimized. 

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New Edge Business & Mobile 

The mobile technology has changed the way of business and now smartphones are emerging as the tool of business operations. According to market studies, more than 50 percent users check their official mails on their smartphones first rather than on desktops. This shows the growing inclination of business owners towards the mobile platform. Company websites are the face of the organizations and play a crucial role in the business growth. Therefore, it is inevitable to have mobile friendly web portals to easy and mass access. 

Mobile website Google has been promoting mobile friendly websites and pushing website owners to make their websites visible on the mobile platform. To encourage website owners to shift to the new platform, Google has also offered a Webmaster Mobile Guide with more details for web developers. According to Google, the aim of having a mobile friendly website is to provide a better search experience for users. “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on Google Search results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimized for their devices”, Google mentioned in its official blog. 

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A Costly Transition? 

The transition from a traditional platform to mobile platform could be a costly game for the businesses as they need to hire developers for making mobile friendly websites. Making mobile website is costlier than a desktop website and even Mobile app. Therefore, a business may not pay attention towards the vision of Google at initial stage. However, considering the benefits of mobile websites, businesses are expected to adopt the transition in a much faster pace. As more and more users view websites on mobile devices, it is high time to understand advantage of a mobile platform and leverage on the technology for better search optimization.