ISACA Boosts Cyber Security Education In India

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 28, 2014

cyber threat

As organizations move ahead and embrace new technologies without fully comprehending the implications, they are becoming susceptible to an array of cyber-security threats and these threats today have become increasingly complex. In such a scenario, cybersecurity training and education is becoming more important than ever. Moreover, latest reports such as the one from PwC’s ‘State of the Information Security Survey- India 2015 reveals that Indian companies have reduced the average security spending from $4.8 million in 2013 to $4 million in 2014, with the C-suite taking little interest on its impact, is a clear indication that professionals need to clearly define a strategy and educate themselves on the prevention on cybercrime.

Keeping the importance of cyber security education in mind, IT association ISACA has released new teaching materials to help professors prepare professionals and students to work in a cybersecurity position. The teaching materials include the Cybersecurity guide Book, presentation and teaching notes.

The ISACA teaching materials cover topics including threat and vulnerability assessment; incident response; threat, attack and defense models; cyber law legal principles; and security policy design, development, management and implementation.

ISACA states that professors and other instructors can use the educational materials to present cybersecurity topics that can affect all enterprises worldwide.

The materials also align with COBIT 5, the internationally recognised business framework that helps companies better govern and manage their information and technology. “It is important for students in this field to understand that cybersecurity is now an integral part of global business,” said Matthew Liotine, Ph.D., CBCP, CHS-III, CSSBB, MBCI, professor at University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, and chair of ISACA’s Academic Program Subcommittee.

“ISACA has designed these teaching materials to help equip students and professionals with a body of knowledge that can be applied to meet the ever-growing information security challenges faced by today’s businesses.”

The teaching notes on threats, incident response and security policies are intended for use in undergraduate classes to introduce students to cybersecurity topics. The student book is designed for students who have a basic understanding of internetworked systems and common terms used in information systems and information technology. These teaching materials are for ISACA academic advocates to use free of charge as part of their curricula.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said last week that India needs a “digital armed force” to step up its “Digital India” initiative. Initiatives such as these can help in supporting cyber security initiatives in the country further, believe experts.