IT and business priorities changing among midsize companies

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 25, 2010

BusinessA survey conducted between end 2009 and early 2010 by Frost & Sullivan, has found that Indian midsize organizations are giving precedence to ‘on time project deployment’ rather than ‘fast return on investment’. The survey titled ‘Business Applications Optimization in India 2010‘ was conducted with more than 1500 respondents across Asia Pacific (APAC) to understand the needs of midsize organizations using business applications; help them prioritize their business issues; and assess their ability to execute them.

Twenty-three percent or 354 APAC respondents were from India, comprising CIOs, IT decision makers, IT managers and business decision makers from mid-size companies. The majority of these companies represented the industrial manufacturing, high technology and professional services sectors. Other prominent sectors included engineering/construction, communications, financial services, education and research, automotive, retail, travel and transportation and healthcare.

The top 10 issues related to business requirements included:
1. Project deployment on time
2. Project deployment on budget
3. Comprehensive security considerations
4. Ability to integrate multiple departments and business partners
5. Speed of problem resolution
6. Low total cost of ownership
7. Fast time to business benefit
8. Delivery of high uptime
9. Software vendor after sales support
10. Fast return on investment

Eight of the top 10 Indian business requirements matched the APAC survey ranking (although in a slightly different order). However, the ability to integrate multiple departments ranked much higher for India as compared to Asia/Pacific as a whole. The ability to achieve a fast time to business benefit and fast return on investment were also of much greater concern to Indian respondents as compared to APAC where these attributes did not appear in the top 10 concerns for APAC respondents.

The top 10 performance criteria in the operation of business applications included:
1. IT department understanding of the needs of the business
2. Project deployment on time
3. Delivery of high uptime
4. Application security management
5. Project deployment on budget
6. Speed of problem resolution
7. Software vendor after sales support
8. Fast project business benefit
9. Fast project deployment
10. Fast return of investment