IT holds the key to scalability

by Sharon Lobo    Nov 30, 2010

Business ScalabilityIn a bid to help businesses, break away from the shackles of myths associated with Cloud, Zinnov hosted its Cloud Commune 2010 summit in Mumbai. The event comprised of a number of panel discussions, which included eminent personalities from various industry verticals. At one of the panel discussions titled-Innovative models of scaling to millions of customer, the panelists which included Dhiren Savla, Director-IT, CRISIL, Meheriar Patel, CIO, Globus and a speaker from Zinnov discussed how businesses such as retail can address to the demands of the growing number of consumers.

The first question posed to the panelist by the moderator, Prabhakar Kasu, a cloud-consultant, was that as Indian businesses grow what are the challenges they face? To this Patel said that, in the retail space, one of the biggest challenges was to scale the number of stores say from 26 to 100. Additionally to reach every single customer throughout the country was not easy. Here the speaker from Zinnov added that in India there is a huge opportunity and scaling operations will enable companies to reach every customer. However scaling brings with it its own challenges such as reducing operation costs, ability to manage operations remotely and to cross sell.

Savla said that in a few years the urban market will reach a saturation level and businesses will have to look at semi-urban and rural market for opportunities. As a result it was necessary for companies to find innovative channels to reach out to the masses through various offline or online engagements.

Next the discussion was on how do companies design products or services to address the diversity India has to offer? Here Patel said that through loyalty programs and a good CRM system in place customers can be attracted. However, these systems need to be upgraded and online engagement also needs to be scaled up.

The conclusion of this discussion was that scaling up was necessary and IT holds the key to it.