IT governance enables to cut risks, optimise resources

by Sharon Lobo    Jun 03, 2013

It has been observed that organisations following a good corporate governance model not only overcome critical hurdles but also reap tangible benefits in the long run. In recent times as IT’s role gradually shifts from that of a support function to being a business enabler, it is imperative that organisations have a governance model for IT.

In an exclusive video interview to CXOtoday, Avinash Kadam, Advisor - India Task Force, ISACA, demystifies IT governance and explains how it creates value for businesses.


1. What is IT governance? How has its acceptance been amongst Indian enterprises? (00:07)

2. As IT is still viewed as a cost center, will businesses still go ahead in formulating an IT governance framework? (02:43)

3. Can outsourcing the IT infrastructure absolve an organisation from formulating an IT governance framework? (04:28)

4. How should organisations ensure they have robust IT governance in place? (05:55)

5. You have been a CIO yourself. In your experience, how should Indian organisations overcome hurdles in implementing IT governance? (08:31)

6. What role is ISACA playing to educate organisations for effective IT governance? (10:12)