"IT is not a science but an application"

by Manu Sharma    Dec 23, 2008

How will nanotechnology help IT industries?

Nanotechnology will help redesign the way computer and devices function. In fact, Karnataka has benefited by large IT companies coming in.

What have been the recent advancements in science & technology?

As the chairman of the Science Advisory Committee to the Prime Minister of India, we have done a lot more investments in the last four years than before in the area of ‘Science & Technology’. In fact, we have recorded a 100% growth i.e. 2% of the GDP against last years 1%. On our recommendations, the government has tripled the investments in higher education and doubled in science & technology. But the problem is we have a shortage of young minds to work in the country.

What has been the impact of the recession on scientific institutions in India?

There has been no impact in India so far due to the recession. It has not affected any scientific institutions at all. In India, in spite of the economic slowdown, science & technology has done well and has shown steady growth.

Is it a bad time to look at investments?

At the time of recession, the developed western countries may be cutting their investments in infrastructure and other activities. But the science-R&D never stops but grows stronger.

What is the future of nanotechnology growth in India?

Nanotechnology has tremendous potential and I see lot of young people taking a keen interest in this field. In the past year or so many positive developments have taken place in the nanotech field. Even though science is not very attractive monetarily, many youngsters have shown great interest in R&D. The future seems very exciting with large scale applications waiting to happen in nanotech.

What has nanotechnology to offer for students?
I advise students to beware of educational institutions that offer ‘Masters Degree’ in nanotechnology. The field of nanotech is still in a nascent stage and one cannot give a master’s degree in nanotechnology. R&D is fine but not a master’s degree.