IT jobs climb: Demand-supply turnaround imminent

by Amit Tripathi    Oct 27, 2003

The IT market is heading towards a crisis of sorts, with demand for IT professionals rising sharply, but supply has faced a major setback, with students deciding to stay away from IT forever.

IT firms may be on a major recruitment drive, but Indias institutions offering computer courses, are seeing a drastic decline in admissions.

Unpredictable market conditions have brought in uncertainty in the training institutes on devising curriculum. Says Jitendra Nair, VP, Karrox Technologies, “There is a lull in the process of training professions, because one does not know which technology will be in demand in the market in the near future.

At the same time, IT aspirants have been having second thoughts considering the slow down in tech recruitments in the recent past. Instead of IT courses, students are opting for basic science or mainstream engineering courses.

However, recent trends indicate that the market, at least in India, is about to bounce back to life. MNC companies like Boeing and ING Global are establishing development and back office centers, and IT recruitment ads are beginning to fatten local newspapers.

According to industry experts, the current void for IT professionals in the market is being met by people who were laid off in the recent slowdown. As MNCs are setting up shop in India with a vengeance, this supply of benched IT professionals could soon be absorbed in the next six to twelve months.

With training institutes unsure of where technology is headed and what curriculum to be created, the industry could, in the next twelve months face a situation where demand for IT professionals might outstrip supply.

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