IT Networking To Enable Digital Transfomation

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 13, 2015

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Today’s hyper-connected world is marked by high-tech consumer platforms, the digitization of products, social media communities and high level of consumption. IT networking vendors are constantly adapting to the needs of the so called experience economy, helping CIOs in their digital transition.

Mohamed Asiq, Regional Director - India & SAARC at Extreme Networks believes “fast, smart and secure” are today’s mantra to woo enterprise customers thriving in this experience economy. “Users living in today’s Experience Economy care about simply connecting to a video, where the network is smart enough to remember who you are without a lot of hassle connecting and then providing a blisteringly fast connection so that there is no interruption to the video stream,” he tells CXOtoday in an exclusive interaction.

“If the user has a bad experience in any one of these areas (simple, fast, and smart) they are likely to leave and never come back,” he adds. “There is an immediate repercussion to the organization that fails to deliver, including loss of consumer loyalty, revenue or productivity. Our combination of high performance hardware with a software defined architecture managed through a centralized management solution enables customers to deliver positive and consistent experiences to the users in their environment,” he states.

The high performance networking provider has recently announced enhancements to its software-defined networking (SDN) portfolio, including integration with Skype for Business. is constantly shaping its offerings to embrace digital transformation.

Other enhancements announced by Extreme include a new SDN Applications Store, which provides an online marketplace for paid and free apps for SDN implementations. The new SDN Developer Portal provides guidance that developers can use to create, submit and manage their wares on the company’s app store.

“Digital transformation means having users seamlessly flow with information, with their data on their mobile device, and application, stored securely in the cloud, and accessed securely whenever and wherever it is needed,” he says adding that this includes CIO’s top priorities, from mobility, to cloud and analytics, with open and scalable network solutions for wired and wireless.  

As India is one of the key growth market for the company, the company is working with partners and customers in the areas of IT infrastructure, incorporating wireless LAN access with BYOD, wired networking, visibility for data and application analytics, and pervasive network management, providing visibility across the enterprise.

Ed Meyercord, president and CEO of Extreme Networks said in a recent analyst call, the company looks to adopt a focused strategy that builds on our strengths and competitive position in growth sectors of our industry and is closely aligned with our structure – that includes a strong channel strategy as well.