IT Part of Development Agenda: Congress

by Muntazir Abbas    Apr 02, 2009

Realizing the power of IT in national interest, many of the political parties have given priority to IT in their agenda for Lok Sabha 2009 elections. BJP has already come out with its elaborate IT Vision for Transforming Bharat’, while the All-India Congress Committee (AICC) said that it is in their development-oriented agenda.

Speaking exclusively to CXOtoday, Congress spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan said that the amount of work done on e-Governance during the current UPA government is tremendous, the government is already implementing it, and the PM’s report on development speaks highly on the subject.

Commenting on BJP’s promise of making available 1 crore laptops at subsidised rates to students, Natarajan said that those were all tall claims, and she didn’t see any truth in it. Further speaking on Congress’ view on IT, she said, "IT is a part of our development-oriented agenda." It was Rajiv Gandhi who had actually done much in the IT sector, she said.

The Congress Party earlier maintained in its agenda that it will upgrade the technical capabilities of rural institutions and ensure extensive usage of IT. During the current UPA government, 20 new IITs have been created, which has been achieved for the first time in a five-year tenure, the agenda reads.

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