IT Pros - Get Ready For Sleepless Nights

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 26, 2013


While the Christmas and New Year is an occasion for most people to rejoice, the few that are expected to get sleepless nights are the IT administrators of the world. A new survey conducted by network monitoring software vendor Ipswitch found that 46% of IT professionals will be on call this holiday season.

Ready to help

Over half of them said that most of their time will be spent helping users who are having problems accessing their network remotely. Twenty six percent may have to grapple with poor app performance and another 17% have to fix issues related to users forgetting their passwords.

Nearly one in three survey participants reported experiencing a huge network outage during the same time last year and fear that anything can happen this year as well with the proliferation of apps and devices. Even if they don’t actually get summoned, 56% respondents who are IT professionals confess they would be thinking about work anyway.

“Even the holidays can’t provide a brief respite for many hardworking IT professionals. They may be giving up downtime with friends and family to make sure your networks have uptime,” Ennio Carboni, President of Ipswitch’s network management division, said in a statement.

What IT pros expect

The survey also went on to find out what would make the IT professional lives happier this festive season or what’s on their wish list. Receiving appreciation for their hard work, topped the list with 37% admitted it would boost their spirits. However, 34% IT pros wish users would simply reboot their machines before asking for help, 15% want users to share what apps they’ve downloaded to their company-issued laptops, and another 14% would want to know what devices users are connecting to the wireless network. The wish list suggests that these would at least reduce their work pressure a bit.

Some IT pros believe it’s better if they are involved in the decision making process, finds the survey. Nearly 38%would want to choose and buy the technologies they need, while 19% would seek recognition of their jobs are this festive week.

Finally, on how much time they expect to spend reacting to user problems, 4 out of 10 respondents said they spend between 40 and 60 percent of their time doing so, while another 21% said they spend more than that.

Moreover their New Year’s resolutions focus on addressing that troubleshooting-led workload. A whopping 56% said they want to spend less of 2014 dealing with network problems, while 33% seek greater IT security measures and 11% would like to reduce the occurrence of network problems created by the BYOD trend.