ITAM Aims To Reduce Software Spends Of CIOs

by B Swaminathan    Nov 02, 2017

Ashish Turkane

According to Gartner, the quick pace of digitalization and technological innovation are changing the role of CIO from delivery executive to business executive. To successfully lead digital transformation, CIOs must help their organizations move beyond digital experimentation and pilots and start bringing digital best practices to scale.

Mumbai based ITAM helps CIO navigate the complex licensing environment through proven pricing and optimization models. With software licensing becoming increasingly complex, the company offers clarity to help make smarter choices. There are now over 100,000 SKUs, and an ever-increasing number of ways to purchase from multiple sources, with exponentially increasing rules for enterprises to remain compliant that regularly shift and change.  ITAM claims that it does not re-sell software or licensing and that it is completely independent of any channel partner or vendor.  In an exclusive chat with CXO Today, Ashish Turkane, Consulting Director, ITAM Advisory Services shares some of their day-today-activities with the CIO community.

CXO Today: What are the key challenges which enterprises are facing and what are the key pain points you are addressing in the eco-system?

Turkane: The key challenges that the enterprises face are that they areworried about continuous audit requests from all the principles. Another challenge is that they find difficulty in understanding the complex licensing and agreement structure also setting up a software policy may not seem like a pressing concern, but without one, business will be exposed to a range of risks. Due to tightening of various regulations and several laws introduced globally over last few years it is now mandatory for organizations to ensure they aren’t violating any applicable laws which can hamper their business inadvertently

We help them address the pain points by ensuring Impartial Insight by offering honest, independent and down to earth advice without product bias. We also provide Product Knowledge. We help them to become market savvy by offering vendor experience, partner experience, and channel sales experience and we also provide Network of ITAM, SAM and Licensing Professionals.


CXOToday: What way you are different from a multi-vendor channel partner who can advise a CIO on software

Turkane: We have the understanding of the software licensing as we have worked in those organization. We are not attached to any of these software product companies as our competition. Also, we do not sell any software products and provide a very independent perspective as we do not have any vested interest

CXOToday: What type of software you advise the companies to adopt and what are your key strengths?

Turkane: We are experts in all Major software – Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, Autodesk, Symantec, Macfee and services around RedHat, VMware.

CXOToday: What are the key complexities a CIO face when it comes to software licensing? Is there anything to Indian CIOs?

Turkane: Some of the key challenges are an ever-increasing number of ways to purchase from multiple sources, exponentially increasing rules to remain compliant that regularly shift and change and software vendors own licensing teams offer conflicting interpretation at times. And not to forget, abuse of software licenses can result in financial penalties and legal costs. Additionally, company executives can be held individually liable both criminally and civilly, for any copyright infringement that occurs within the organization

CXOToday: While the IT budgets are shrinking, how you convince the Indian CIOs that an advisory firm like you is not a cost-center but a profit center?

Turkane:  It’s about urgency when audit situation arises and relationship on the trust and the value we provide. Having worked with large vendors like Microsoft, Oracle and IBM with over 30 years of cumulative experience, our services can be of great help to customers in reducing the cost of the software licensing legally without compromising and violating any OEM’s licensing norms.

CXOToday: What type of companies can collaborate with you in terms of size, employee strength and the number of licenses?

Turkane: Our clientele is more than 20, who are spread across industries like manufacturing, IT, BPO, NBFC, services having employee strength from 50000 to 500 with turnover ranging from Rs. 10 Thousand Cr to Rs. 50 Cr. The software covered are Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, Autodesk, Symantec and McAfee. We consult companies whose number of licenses are three times the number of employees.

Though we are addressing the above size, the real companies who should collaborate are the midsize companies whose turnover is less than Rs. 50 Cr. But proactive license management is just a beginning for them.

CXOToday: How are planning to expand?

Turkane:  We are building expertise for engineering and security software and we will also be focusing on Network and Security Audit. We are also stepping into consulting services around Virtualization, Database, DR and Infrastructure.