Ixia announces solution for network performance troubleshooting

by Reuters    Dec 12, 2012

Ixia on Wednesday announced IxNetwork 7.0, a solution for validating network infrastructure, capacity, scalability and convergence. IxNetwork creates real-world protocols and network behaviour, making it possible for service providers, enterprises and equipment manufacturers to conduct detailed network performance analysis and get actionable insights to quickly optimize network devices, systems, applications and services.

The new IxNetwork 7.0 is designed to help configure complex real-life topologies, and the integrated drill-down statistics enable users to speed up the debugging of those topologies. And because IxNetwork 7.0 dynamically monitors resources and provides feedback, the user is assured that test runs are not affected by computing resources.

With IxNetwork 7.0 enterprises are able to validate that their infrastructure meets the demands of users, and service providers can ensure that complex networks meet performance requirements. Additionally, equipment manufacturers can be certain they are providing devices that meet the requirements of their customers.