JetBlue Airways chooses IBS cargo solution

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 22, 2010

JetBlue Airways is going to implement the IBS iCargo solution, which is an integrated solution that optimizes operations, enhances profitability and provides scalability to the freight business of airlines.

"There was just no other solution that could compare with IBS’ iCargo solution," explained Ed McDonald, System Manager (Cargo), JetBlue Airways. "Designed for multiple users, the system is extremely user friendly, especially for a system that handles such a complex business as moving cargo, and the new U.S. Mail Module which is fully integrated into iCargo does exactly what JetBlue need for it to do," added McDonald.

JetBlue and IBS share a partnership which began early this 2010. The New York-based eco-friendly airline has recently completed the implementation of its new passenger reservation system. "It’s been a remarkable year at JetBlue Airways," said McDonald. "Not only have we implemented a completely new passenger reservation system, we are now in the process of replacing our cargo systems as well."

According to IBS, it now has more than 20 customers for its iCargo solution. Of these, fourteen are already using it in production environments.