Steve Jobs' movie: can it do justice to the icon?

by Ankita Mohinta    Aug 09, 2013

Steve Jobs

Everyone seems to be excited about the movie Jobs (2013), directed by  Joshua Michael Stern, written by Matt Whiteley, and produced by Mark Hulme. The leading roles are portrayed by Ashton Kutcher, with Josh Gad as Apple Computer’s co-founder Steve Wozniak. The movie has generated quite a lot of buzz with IT industry insiders wondering if the movie is going to do justice to the iconic character. It also attracted it’s fair share of controversies with the real Wozniak who publicly stated that in most probability, the movie wouldn’t be able to portray the real life struggles and experiences both he and Jobs went through in the 70’s to found the company. However Kutcher defended the project in an interview on Hollywood reporter, by saying “In all fairness, the movie’s called Jobs. And it’s about Steve Jobs and the legacy of Steve Jobs, and so I think it focuses more on what his contribution to Apple.”


Some critics were surprised when Ashton Kutcher was selected to play the role of Jobs, as he is known as more of a comedic actor than someone possessing serious acting chops. But Kutcher countered Wozniak’s statement by saying that he poured hours into his research to getting the know the real jobs. Kutcher explained that he did his background research on Jobs by spending hours looking at his keynotes, documentaries and interviews to understand the mannerisms, talking style and eating habits. Kutcher claims, he even tried Jobs famous fruitarian diet when he ate grapes and carrot juices to get into the skin of the character. He added that since Wozniak is working on a another Aron Sorkin directed drama, based on Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography of the tech icon, he might be biased towards the movie.


The story of Jobs is a familiar one in the IT industry and all over the world. Jobs started out as a college dropout who went on to found the iconic company, lost the company and was welcomed to its helm again. The movie Jobs is expected to portray how Jobs in the 70’s was a design obsessed genius who the the thinktank of Apple’s creativity.


According to ToI, the highly anticipated movie will be released in India by PVR Pictures and is stated for an August 16 release. “Steve Jobs is regarded as a luminary in every sense of the word and we are pleased to bring his biopic to the Indian audiences. The film gives an insight into the life and times of the great innovator and entrepreneur that he was,” said Kamal Gianchandani, president, PVR Pictures.