Karnataka could be India’s first IPv6 state

by M ROCHAN    Jan 12, 2012

The Karnataka State and its capital city Bangalore could well be on their way, to be the first, to embrace next-generation Internet in India.

A tripartite pilot project involving the State government, Hewlett-Packard (HP) India and the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B) will now help government departments and private enterprises make the transition from Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), according to Uday Birje, Country Manager, Network Consulting and Services at HP India.

IPv6 is the new Internet Protocol (IP) envisioned to succeed IPv4, which presently steers almost all Internet traffic, but is running out of IP addresses. While the Internet will continue to function even after all regional Internet registries run out of IPv4 addresses, sustaining the Internet’s explosive growth – given the proliferation of mobile devices and with businesses taking to virtualization and cloud computing – requires a new Internet Protocol.

‘IPv4 is reaching it’s theoretical maximum of about four-billion Internet addresses. IPv6, with a capacity to support 340 trillion addresses, allows for the dramatic expansion of connected devices… it also provides for improved quality and new applications like IP TV, telephony and e-commerce,’ according to a HP India press statement.

Elaborating on how IPv6 could change our lives, Professor S Sadagopan, the founder Director of IIIT-B pointed out that “machine-to-machine communication would increase (going forward) because every microphone in a conference room; or every car in a parking lot (could be given) an IP address.”

On a lighter note, talking about the benefits to the common man, Professor Sadagopan told the gathering at IIIT-B that multicasting, which is better within IPv6, would benefit a nation that loves its movies – IPv6 allows for delivery of video and movies to mobile phones with very little investment.

HP also unveiled a Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) Innovation Centre at IIIT-B earlier today, under the aegis of the HP Network University initiative. ‘The HP Network University aims at providing advanced knowledge, including IPv6, to professionals’ the press statement said. “This facility at IIIT-B would help students; and HP India’s partners, who will be allowed to visit the facility,” to understand and experience the next generation Internet, added Som Satsangi, Vice President, ESSN at HP India.

It must be noted here that India’s ‘National IPv6 Deployment Roadmap’ states that “all central and state government ministries and departments, including its PSUs, shall start using IPv6 services by March-2012.” And we are not saying that this is an impossible task.

HP and IIITBs joint press meet at IIITBs campus within Electronics City Bangalore.