Kaspersky Lab Targets Retail, SMEs in India

by Manu Sharma    Jul 17, 2009

Kaspersky Lab, a developer of Internet content management solutions, has unveiled its Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and Anti-Viruses 2010 in the Indian market. The company is focusing on retail and small enterprise customers in the country.

Version 2010 features host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) technology in application control module which assigns a security rating to previously unknown malware; unique Sandbox technology embodying virtualization technologies and providing a dedicated secure information from millions of users to dramatically reduce response times to new threats and replenish reputation databases with the most up-to-date information about clean and infected files.

Alexander Gnatusin, director of channels, said, "Tens of thousands of new malicious programs appear worldwide every day and cyber crimes has become a multimillion dollar industry. Kaspersky has developed Internet Security 2010 for protection whereby global monitoring of malicious activities is performed by the protected system itself with the aim of preventing malware from ever affecting the user s computer." 

Industry estimates that Symantec are the leaders in India and McAfee, Trend Micro and Kaspersky are the other major players in the market.

The new version is available in India through Zoom Technologies, the partners for Kaspersky products in India. At present, available for single user and for three users, the company has priced it aggressively at Rs 970 and Rs 1,795, respectively.  

Q. A. Tapia, head, Kaspersky sales, Zoom Technologies, said, "The new product is very light with only about 100 kb of space, easy to manage for a system administrator and can be managed up to 300,000 users."

The older version 2009, which was released a couple of months ago, has been improvised with new features that can be easily downloaded.

"We are focusing on retail customers in India and already are selling about 1 lakh units in a month for the last three years. We have been growing phenomenally at over 100%," said Tapia.

"SME customers have long been wanting to buy AV software for securing their networks, but the prices have been restricting the deployment," he said. For SMEs, the company has launched this range more aggressively priced for Kaspersky’s 6-, 10- and 25-user products.

However, the enterprise version is expected to be out by the end of September 2009. The Enterprise Version 6 is presently available and the Version 8 will be out later.

Zoom has also recently tied up with Tata Chrome to sell the antivirus as a bundled offer across all its outlets in Karnataka.

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