Kirloskar Uses CAD to Deliver Irrigation Project

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 12, 2008

Kirloskar Brothers an Indian engineering company along with PTC has leveraged computer-aided design (CAD) to develop an irrigation and potable water solution in western India.

Kirloskar Brothers utilized PTC’s Pro/ENGINEER technology to design a pump engineering solution for the Saurashtra Branch canal, part of the strategic Narmada Dam project in Gujarat.

The primary challenge was to negotiate the difficult topography in the largest branch canal of the Narmada Project canal system and ensure a continuous and smooth flow of water for irrigation requirements in over 4000 drought affected towns and villages in the ascending Saurashtra region. To overcome this challenge, KBL designed the world’s largest pumping scheme which included three power stations and five pumping stations.

Faced by the additional challenge of a vacuum created in the curvature of the pipeline which reduced the flow of water, Pro/ENGINEER was used to conduct a volume analysis, design and develop a prototype of the siphon and accurately determine the exact placement of the siphon on the pump.

The successful completion of this project has resulted in enriching the lives of thousands of people living in over 4000 drought affected villages in the Saurashtra and Kutch region
by providing drinking water, hydroelectric power and irrigation across 5.4 lakh hectares of land.

The innovative siphon design has enabled a significant saving of power, cost and also increased the operational efficiency of the plant. The energy saving resulting from using the innovative concept is expected to save energy units of 8.6 MW that corresponds to approximately Rs.200 Million per year.

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