KQ Stor announces ZFS port for Linux

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 14, 2011

Linux ZFSKQ Infotech has released ZFS port on Linux GA (KQ Stor). ZFS is a file system amongst which provides a scalable and simple administration, pooled storage and improved data security. Linux enthusiasts have earlier attempted to port ZFS on Linux to bring the best of both the worlds together, but faced several issues.

KQ Infotech provides services ranging from OPD, ODC, customer support and storage to testing and documentation. “The launch of ZFS port to Linux opens an array of possibilities to the Linux users and enthusiasts in file system domain. We are geared up towards bringing innovative products to the open source community and to SMBs,” said Anurag Agarwal, CEO, KQ Infotech.

“KQ is continuously perusing innovation and collaboration. If we observe businesses today, collaboration is becoming a way forward for providing continuous innovative products and services to the customers. We believe in responding to the current market shifts and working in collaboration with the best talent worldwide. So with this goal in mind we developed the ZFS port on Linux,” remarked K Nandan, CMO of KQ Infotech.