Leading The Way In Enterprise Collaboration

by Sohini Bagchi    Mar 11, 2016

kiran datar

Providing the best experience on mobile devices is key to enterprise collaboration. While there are a number of companies working in this area, mobile collaboration solutions firm Moxtra has recently been awarded for the ‘Best Client Engagement Tool’ at the APAC Citi Mobile Challenge conducted by Citigroup.

In January this year, Moxtra announced the launch of Moxtra 3.0, a new version of its mobile-first, on-demand collaboration platform for the enterprise.  With integrated messaging capabilities including powerful, in-built layers of collaboration and enterprise class security, Moxtra introduced collaboration features like online IM, content sharing, annotation and online video conferencing. 

In an interaction with CXOtoday, Moxtra vice president Kiran Datar explains that the USP of Moxtra lies in the depth of its collaboration functionalities, integration capabilities and enterprise class security framework. Apart from equipping users with collaboration layers like chat, video/audio meet, storing and searching content, Moxtra allows voice and graphical annotation of content within the platform. All of these together, enable the enterprises enhance collaboration within their business teams and boost productivity.

“In today’s enterprises, no one can work in silos, team game is really the mantra to be effective and successful – and Moxtra enables that so seamlessly. On a lot of occasions, instant information/ real time collaboration sharing is a sheer necessity and enterprises often suffer because of lack of an appropriate mechanism that can enable the same. Moxtra fills that gap very easily,” informs the former Cisco executive, who was leading Cisco WebEx in India before joining Moxtra.

Moxtra can be used as stand-alone app – and also gives enterprises an option to integrate Moxtra functionalities within their mobile/web business apps very easily using the Moxtra software development kits (SDKs). None of our competitors today bring such business value and flexibility to their users, Datar claims.

Datar, who started his career with finance and investment banking and later moved to technology, always thought deeply about how technology could influence business and founded CyberBazaar, his first start-up venture in 2000. “I entered the technology and collaboration space – where I was able to bring together the best of silicon valley and Indian start-up ecosystem.”

After Webex acquired CyberBazaar, he led the Webex India team for around 4 years and thereafter, when Cisco took over Webex in 2009, he moved on to Cisco and held senior management positions over there for about three and half years. “I joined Moxtra in 2013 and have been working on the strategy and sales front since then – with an objective to transform the way enterprise teams currently collaborate within themselves, and establish Moxtra as a leader in the enterprise collaboration space,” he states.

“The most challenging experience during my career was my first entrepreneurial stint – I had to build it from scratch. Starting CyberBazaar without much experience, without VC backing, being relatively unknown in the Indian market – all of these together made the risk too high. I had to maintain very high focus to execute all the projects seamlessly and on time to achieve the end goal. Must say though – I enjoyed the phase thoroughly,” he says.

However, Datar sees a lack of confidence in business people to invest and grow their business – which is perhaps because they might have not seen their desired level of traction in the recent past. But then, that should not stop them from doing strategic investments in their businesses to fuel growth.

Datar also believes if policy makers ensure that there is a level playing field for businesses of all sizes - so that people can execute their business plans and growth steps without thinking too much about the strategy and go-to-market plan of the much larger competitors. “Devising a mechanism of fair competition in level grounds can really help the larger ecosystem of start-ups and SMEs to grow to the next level. This in turn helps the market grow and create more value for the businesses and the society as well,” he mentions.

In this regard, Datar states that initiatives like the government’s Digital India and Make in India are indeed visionary and with greater collaboration and effort, these will have more positive and impactful consequences in next 5-10 years.

Datar is hopeful that enterprise collaboration with the help of mobile will take India to greater heights. At present he said, he is “driving a dream and mission to transform the way enterprise teams currently collaborate within themselves, and establish Moxtra as a leader in the enterprise collaboration space. We really want to change the ways people communicate/ interact for business. This would really boost productivity in enterprises.”

In the next one year, his company is lookinh at Moxtra gains excellent foothold for collaboration solutions in the Indian and APAC markets. “We want to take Moxtra not only to large enterprises but also to start ups and SMEs through partner led model,” he says.

Datar believes staying dedicated, patient and focused on the job can help CXOs in becoming better entrepreneurs. His suggestion to budding entrepreneurs is to build business for long term. “New businesses should have a right mix of values delivered to stake holders, customers, investors and employees. An ideal organization would have a strong business model creating consistent value for this ecosystem,” he concludes.