Letzbank.com Launches New Web Portal For Loan Needs

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 31, 2016


Letzbank.com, is a web portal providing its users, access to best loan offers. Its user-friendly search tools has not only caught the eye of the tech generation, but has also become their must go zone for all matters concerning any kind of loans, insurance, credit bureau reports etc, for free of cost. It’s so simple and additive that visitors may be prompted to join the thousands and thousands of educated busy professionals to bookmark Letzbank.com and visit it time and again to see the offers from all the banks and non-banks in a single view. The landing webpage of is all one needs to solve any of your loan needs of a wide variety of banks. In fact there’s a handy side by side comparison of all the offers of most banks and financial institutions in the country for any visitor to pick and choose the best deal on offer. What this reveals, is that the visitor will instantly know of all fees, charges, interest rates, foreclosure charges etc., at one glance. What’s more, their charges are completely free of charge!

This new landing page is gaining a lot of followers not only for the loans and insurance products on offer, but also a dedicated section for knowing the ‘Offers’ from across banks, non-banks and mobile wallets. This section will give you details of the cash back offers, reward points, promotions, discounts etc., on Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Mobile wallets. Until now, customers could only know about the offers of a particular bank at a time, but not anymore, letzbank.com has made it simple by compiling a comprehensive list of all the ongoing offers of all banks, so people can pick the one that suits their need the best. Loan seekers need can also generate a ‘Free-of-Cost’ credit bureau report by logging into letzbank.com to see their credit history before they even approach a bank for loan. Further, if the user finds an issue in the credit report, letzbank.com through its credit report repair service partner will assist the customer to resolve the issue in the report. 

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Throwing more light on the extreme ease of use of the simplified landing page of the bank, the Chief Executive Officer of Letzbank.com Mr. Tagorji Yerneni said, “It is extremely important that we listen to our customers and change with the times, and this major simplification of the website is a result of us listening to our customer’s needs… and we’ve got a lot of feedback that the new page gives a lot of information at once glance. It is so easy now to not only find the best offers on loans, insurance and other personal finance schemes, but also for all your insurance needs, whether it is vehicle insurance, medical insurance or even travel insurance!” He then added, “One more unique feature is that Letzbank.com offers is the Digital Document Locker facility where all the paperwork you need for loans or insurance can be kept under a digital locker until you need them, no more hunting your house cupboards and workplace drawers for all the papers you need to submit for processing your loans. You can move these documents digitally on the go, with secured authentications.”

Looking at the offers in closer detail:

Loans: While most of their customers search for Home loans and Car loans, Letzbank.com also offers a whole plethora of loans covering the whole spectrum, to satisfy every need of every customer – be it a salaried individual, professional or a businessman. Apart from the aforementioned, letzbank.com also offers Personal loans, Professional loans, Gold loans, Loans against property, Loans against security, Educational loans etc., for the professionals, and specific loans like Business loans, Construction equipment loans, commercial vehicle loans, Farm equipment loans etc., for the self-employed.All the information is presented to the customer in an easy to understand way. The website provides even the information that others may not reveal: Charges like Processing fee, Document charges, Fore-closure charges, Part payment charges etc., are prominently displayed for customers take an informed decision.

When you take a loan from Letzbank.com, for example, a Car loan, there’s no need to go elsewhere to take an insurance for the car. The bank has tie-ups with all major insurance companies, with whom customers can get their vehicle insured. The easy part here is, if you sign up for their Digital Document Locker facility, you need not even bother about the initial paperwork for the insurance, as the bank will forward the already cleared paperwork to the insurance company. What’s more, customers can avail insurance products like Life insurance, Health insurance, Travel insurance etc., with ease. Renewals will be auto triggered to remind the client on the renewal date. 

Personal finance and Management: Stretching the 360 degree financial planning partner idea to a different level, Letzbank offers a cheaper way to find out you Credit Score, before you apply for any loan, to not only save on money and time, but also blushes! Taking it a step further, the bank also has an easy way to pay your taxes, by simplifying the process of e-filing your returns.