Leverage the power of MPLS

by Lopamudra Roy Chowdhury    Jan 27, 2012

The current economic scene is driving most companies to rethink their IT spends. They need to optimize expenditure and at the same time increase their band width that can support business critical applications without any technical interruption. MPLS VPN service thus becomes the perfect choice as it is highly flexible for delivering voice and data. It is more an advanced technology than IPSec VPNs. Managed MPLS VPN is a gateway to a myriad of benefits such as quicker deployment of networks and enterprise-wide applications, cost efficient IT systems and better IT management. Centralized administration of MPLS can cut management time and reduce security risks over traditional VPN implementations. It not only helps businesses to streamline their IT budgets, but also improve the performance, productivity and future growth of their global networks. The converged networking system of MPLS supports powerful new applications and services like Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, Unified Communications (UC), corporate video and cloud computing. It ensures cost-effective scaling of the existing applications. MPLS services help mitigate connectivity challenges such as IT infrastructure maintenance and achieve improved IT efficiency. This smart networking combats with technology obsolescence by transferring the onus of converting and maintaining all networks on a single technology to the service provider. It also provides application performance optimisation that is highly scalable and can be implemented across multiple locations. It allows QoS and traffic prioritisation including a special priority for voice traffic or other top priority business critical applications. The inherent security aspects mitigate risks like hackers and threats through Internet exposure. MPLS Security was introduced to protect networks against Denial of Service attacks and unauthorised network access, by incorporating both control and data plane protection capabilities. Thus opting for MPLS services helps companies tread on their path of growth by focusing on their core competencies.