LG To Extend e-Learning Project To Distributors

by Swapna Khanna    Feb 06, 2004

With an aim to build a knowledge sharing relationship with its partners, LG Electronics India Ltd. (LGEIL) is extending its e-Learning project, which was initiated for its internal employees in 2001, to its distributors and suppliers as well.

The e-Learning project for distributors is expected to start running across the country by mid March 2004.The project is to be implemented in LG’s B2B site LGDealernet. The site is targeted for all the dealers of LG.

LGDealernet is a part of a customer information service package, which was developed in South Korea, and customized by LG Soft India team. The solution uses an Oracle database that runs on SunE420 server.

Currently 30% of the company’s dealers are online and the target for this year is to get 50% dealers on-line with the eLearning project.

Arindam Bose, Head IT, LG said, “Previously LGEIL was doing contact training incurring heavy costs and delaying the knowledge sharing time. The e-Learning project is being launched to deliver relevant knowledge much faster and at a fraction of the cost. The company benefits by saving cost to the tune of almost Rs 50 Lacs.”

‘Through the e-Learning program, distributors and dealers will get regular updates about our latest products, and relevant knowledge will be passed on faster without loosing their work time for contact training,” Bose concluded.

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