LinkedIn looks at revenue from hiring services

Business networking site — LinkedIn — which currently has over 4 million users in the country, is looking at generating revenues through offering specialized recruitment solutions. This is in addition to the revenue that it pulls in through its various subscription and advertisement offerings.

While the other two are widely known, it’s the hiring solutions portfolio is being quietly marketed to a few corporate users in the country.

"We are looking at our hiring solutions as a completely different offering and to that effect have designed it differently right from the UI stage. We have a few Indian companies that are using this service currently. This offering enables recruiters to reach out to both active and passive executives who are present on our site. Our current revenue generation is split equally between all these three services, and we see a rise in corporate users for our hiring solution," said Hari Krishnan, country manager - India, LinkedIn.

Globally, the site registers one user every second and with the numbers growing exponentially, Krishnan sees that playing out in India as well.

Krishnan clearly positions his site as a productivity tool rather than a social networking site as he feels that users are serious about what they put into their profile and who all they network with online. He adds, LinkedIn should be more a part of the employees daily workday rather than just a networking site.

The company has integrated it’s services into popular business applications such as Lotus and Outlook 2010, which allows mail sent and received to be tagged to the users LinkedIn profile. It has also released its APIs to encourage developers to come out with their own products and applications based on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn started its office in India recently in December 2009, and while has 5 employees, the company is looking to ramp up its recruitment . Asked about what the focus would be for India, Krishnan said it would be to increase the user base and the usage of products & applications based on the LinkedIn platform.