Most employees detest their jobs, reveals study

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 15, 2013


A recent study by Dale Carnegie Training on LinkedIn, claims almost 75 percent people are not wholly engaged with their jobs. Some of the main reasons for this was envy at friends who were having a better experience at another company, not being valued at one’s own company, being paid less, and bad management.


The study revealed that most people were envious of friends and acquaintances who were having an amazing experience at different companies. Factors such as transparency of employee benefits and job perks at other companies were causing a discontentment. Another reason was that some employees felt they were not being valued sufficiently in their company. People were also found to be disenchanted when they realize there is no room for advancement which ultimately lead to constant job changes.


Another major cause for concern among employees was less pay. The ability to take take decision because of certain rules and policies was also another reason was employees hating their jobs. People were also found to be complaining about their boss. Most passionate and hard working employees were found to be unhappy with poor management in their company.