LinkedIn unveils skills product to fuel and career insights

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 04, 2011

skillsLinkedIn, professional networking site, today launched the beta release of LinkedIn Skills, which is expected to help members discover up-and-coming expertise areas that professionals need to succeed.

“Through LinkedIn Skills we believe we have a whole new way of understanding the landscape of skills - who has them and how they are changing over time – and how truly diverse the universe of skills actually is, whether it’s java or ballet,” said DJ Patil, chief scientist, LinkedIn.

The company informed that product is designed to surface the top people, top locations, related jobs, and groups associated with thousands of skills which members have identified as areas of expertise. Members can use LinkedIn Skills to help stay ahead of the competition and discover hot skills professionals are adding to their profiles – from application development to business intelligence to calligraphy.

It also provides top related skills for a given industry with trending information on which skill is growing or declining in that industry. Hiring managers can also benefit from the ability to identify top candidates and talent who possess the specific skills the professional organization needs. According to LinkedIn, for the professional looking to break into a new industry or expand their expertise areas, the product offers the ability to add new skills to their profile, surface the top professionals who have similar expertise and related companies where the desired expertise will have the most impact.