Linux Gives Zero Downtime At Muthoot Group

by Hinesh Jethwani    Jun 04, 2004

With 334 branches spread all across the country, Muthoot Group relies primarily on a IBM High Availability Cluster Computing (HACC) server to run mission critical applications that simply cannot afford a downtime. Red Hat Linux 9 has delivered exactly that, with an unbelievable 100% uptime in over a year of operation.

Muthoot is a Kerala based business conglomerate with operations in diverse verticals like banking, hospitality, real estate, finance, etc.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Sebastian K.P., IT-Head, Muthoot Group, said, “Our head office is based in Cochin, and there is a huge influx of data which comes in from 334 remote branches mapped all over the country. Our database server is the primary source of information for the branches, and is based on Postgre SQL running on an IBM HACC server, that sits on the red Hat Linux 9 platform. At any given time, there are 30 concurrent branches accessing the system, leaving no margin for error. Although we have another backup server in place, Linux has consistently delivered optimum performance.”

For designing and implementing its networking requirements, Muthoot Group chose Focuz Infotech (Formerly known as Benz Infotech - A division of the Rs.250 Cr. Benz Group), the national Linux service and solution partner for IBM.

The company’s Head Office has wireless connectivity provided by Satyam, and remote locations dial in through local ISP’s. “We are in the process of setting up a comprehensive mailing solution for the entire group. It’s definitely going to be Linux based, as it is far more secure than Microsoft’s MS Exchange mail system - which is frequently being attacked by viruses. Also, we are planning to upgrade our database to Oracle this year. The total expense incurred in the Linux initiative has been close to Rs 20 lakh, and we have received excellent support and training from Focuz Infotech,” added Sebastian.

Rajesh Kumar, Business Manager-India, Focuz Infotech (Earlier known as Benz Infotech Consultancy services), said, “Muthoot Financial Services - part of the Muthoot Group - is a large financial services provider in south India. They have more than 100 offices connecting to their head office for data access, storage and retrieval. As a financial organization, all these processes are extremely mission critical. Any failure on the main server will interrupt the entire transaction, which in turn leads to a tremendous loss for the company and its customers. At the main server, we have insured that all single point failures are managed effectively, and it has been running continuously without even a single problem for the past one year.”

Detailing the roadmap for the future, Kumar concluded, “We believe that Linux is the future, and will keep developing products/solutions in Linux, and work on improving support man power for Linux in the country.”

Focuz provides services in all distributions of Linux, and is developing all applications, including ERP on the Linux platform. The company has its presence in all metros like Cochin, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & Mumbai in the country.

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