'Localability is the Main Factor for Our Success'

by Sharon Lobo    Dec 24, 2009


Could you give us an overview of Kaspersky Lab’s operations in India?

The regional office Kaspersky Lab India has been registered recently to enhance the positions of the company at such a high potential market as IT security solutions market of India is. Before that the operations and activities of local partners network were managed by Kaspersky Lab Headquarters.

How has the growth of Kaspersky Lab in India been so far?

According to our internal data Kaspersky Lab is the market leader in India in terms of licenses. Further expansion in Asia-Pacific region is considered to be one of the main priorities for the company for the nearest time which means that we are investing in further growth of the company in the region including India.

What are your expansion plans in India and how do you plan to achieve them?

We are considering several marketing projects to expand our presence and brand awareness in the Indian market. As an international company, Kaspersky Lab has a wealth of practical experience and tools for interacting with partners and users in different territories. But what is more important for us is to adjust  the channel & marketing strategy to the local market needs. Localability is the one of the main factors of Kaspersky Lab success in different countries and regions. Our flexibility to business cultures diversity and our partners expertise in local markets which we fully rely on allows the company to meet customers requirements. Taken this into consideration we need to finish the recruitment of Kaspersky Lab India team before implementing any new marketing initiatives in India we would like to listen to their recommendations in order to better suit the customers expectations.  

Along with hiring new staff for Kaspersky Lab India we are looking at expanding our partners network. Selling products for Business and Corporate segments remains under responsibility of our old and time-proved partner Zoom Technologies. When it comes to retail market development Kaspersky Lab India (KLI) considers  2 Distributor model from Jan 1, 10. Zoom Technologies will remain as Retail Distributor in South and East regions. New Retail partner will be responsible for West and North India market development.  

Could you tell us more about your Hyderabad office and the local trainers who will be certified by Kaspersky Lab s high qualified trainers?

We are in the process of hiring professionals form all across India to join Kaspersky Lab. We could ensure you that both Kaspersky Lab India employees and channel partners will be trained and certified by high-qualified trainers from Kaspersky Lab s headquarters.

Which are the new products you plan to launch in 2010?

The number of new threats is extremely growing. In order to be one step ahead the cybercriminals we are constantly working on new generations / versions / updates  of our existing products which will implement the latest technologies to combat digital pollution and to ‘purify’ users computers, smartphones and corporate networks. Just watch this place in 2010.

What is the value proposition Kaspersky offers to its customers as compared to competition?

Kaspersky Lab has always paid great attention to technologies development. Technology has been always a priority over advertising. Some technologies which reshaped the landscape of AV industry was first developed and implemented by Kaspersky Lab. To sum up our best value propositions are technologies and products, team of recognized experts and global partner network ecosystem. We treat our partners as members of one family. We all believe in one mission  - to save the world from IT threats and to provide our customers with protection.