LogMeIn offers new IDaaS solutions

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 24, 2013


LogMeIn today announced a preview of AppGuru designed to help IT professionals embrace, secure and manage cloud applications in the workplace. It’s built to help IT managers redefine their strategic role in today’s cloud-centric work environment.

AppGuru’s identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) features are designed to centralize the management of users in the cloud, thereby easing the on-boarding and off-boarding of employees, while providing a single tool for setting and enforcing policies for business and personal productivity cloud apps. As a result, IT pros can encourage widespread use of such apps, while reducing potential inherent data loss and compliance risks.

A December 2012 study conducted by Edge Strategies on the Bring Your Own App (BYOA) trend found nearly 70 percent of companies reported active use of employee-introduced cloud apps at work. And only 22 percent of IT managers indicate they are fully prepared to handle BYOA and 43 percent are concerned with the lack of control over these apps. AppGuru is aimed at addressing the management challenges caused by this new dynamic by introducing an approach to cloud based identity management  or IDaaS that centralizes management and control.

“Today’s IT pro isn’t looking to impede the use of employee-introduced technology, and they fully appreciate the benefits of the cloud.  As their role shifts into one of expert adviser and partner to the business, traditional approaches to user management, provisioning and security are often ill-suited for these new dynamics,” said Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn.  “AppGuru is designed to help these IT professionals embrace the new app centric world, and redefine their role as business partner in a cloud-enabled workplace.”

AppGuru aims to help IT pros address time consuming application management, creating and managing identities in the cloud, the challenge of managing cloud app appliances, data privacy compliance and security risks and complexity of traditional policy management tools.

The preview of AppGuru gives IT pros the ability to manage LogMeIn’s popular collaboration apps,JoinMean and Cubby, as well as 3rdparty cloud offerings like Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 through a single, centralized tool. LogMeIn plans to rollout support for dozens of today’s most popular cloud apps in the coming weeks and months.