L&T Infotech’s LTE-UE tests successful

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 18, 2010

L&T Infotech has announced that its LTE User Equipment (UE) stack has successfully been validated in interoperability tests (IOT) with Trillium LTE eNodeB software from Continuous Computing, a provider of integrated platform solutions.

LTE or Long Term Evolution, is a new high performance air interface standard for cellular mobile communication systems. It is the last step towards the 4G generation of radio technologies and is aimed to be the successor to the current 3G technologies like UMTS. The LTE-UE Stack is intended for devices such as standalone/multi-mode or tethered mode wireless handsets, data cards, USB wireless modems, laptops and ultra mobile PCs.

L&T Infotech had previously announced the availability of the LTE-UE protocol stack, compliant to March 2009 3GPP release 8 LTE specifications, as part of their IP portfolio. The LTE UE solution supports both TDD and FDD (time and frequency division duplexing) modes of operation and is verified for UE conformance by using the TTCN3 work bench. The stack offers complete L2 and L3 protocol layers with ATCMD support for application integration.

The LTE-UE offering comes from L&T Infotech’s Product Engineering Services Business Unit.

The L&T Infotech LTE-UE and Trillium LTE eNodeB IOT included validation of end-to-end call scenarios including both TDD and FDD variants of LTE. Continuous Computing’s LTE Core Network Emulators (CNE) served as the core network and the companies successfully completed testing between the NAS (network access stratum)-level messaging in the LTE-UE and the CNE’s Mobility Management Entity (MME) element. Based on this IOT activity, L&T Infotech and Continuous Computing offer clients, a validated ecosystem that can help accelerate early trials and deployments as well as ensure interoperability in the early LTE marketplace.

“While the availability of LTE-based user equipment is limited in today’s early LTE markets, we are committed to driving interoperability between our Trillium LTE software and the entire UE ecosystem,” said Manish Singh, VP - product line management of Continuous Computing. “L&T Infotech’s offering is aimed squarely at enabling a growing community of UE providers to expedite their time-to-market capabilities and quickly take advantage of emerging LTE market opportunities.”