Brands Can't Ignore Mobile To Drive E-Commerce Sales

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 14, 2016


M-commerce is contributing to a chunk of online shopping in India, driven by social media. As per Criteo’s Christmas Season Report, Social Media Optimization (SMO) and in-app availability of information, is pushing more Online shoppers to come on board. With the end of the year data as monitored on major e-commerce platforms, Criteo drew its conclusions from buying trends in India.

The company analyzed 1.5 million transactions which took place during peak shopping time, during the end of the year of 2015, in order to understand the consumers’ online browsing and buying behavior. In such cases, there was a 56% upsurge in visitors and 73% surge during the week before Christmas.

Some of the key findings of the report also include:

· Online traffic to key retailers’ websites increased much earlier, as of mid-November 2015

· Before the Christmas week, an average visitor uplift was seen of 42%, which generated a sales uplift of 32%

· Criteo states that Social Media Optimization has doubled the increase of visitors’ volume and sales on major e-commerce platforms

· It was analysed that 40% shoppers browsed major e-commerce sites through their mobile phones

· 36% of buyers browsed retailers’ websites with a different device before making a final purchase

While technological enhancements and introduction of mobile wallets have facilitated the mobile shopping experience, marketers are challenged with targeting consumers across every environment along the path to purchase.

Brands can no longer ignore mobile platforms as a primary means to drive e-commerce sales. To boost revenue, retailers must combine a strong mobile web and app presence with personalised mobile retargeting strategies to engage with shoppers wherever and whenever they browse and purchase.


Source: Criteo - Criteo states that Social Media Optimization has doubled the increase of visitors’ volume and sales on major e-commerce platforms

Dushyant Sapre, the Commercial Director of Criteo India, shed more light on the findings, saying, “India is experiencing a digital revolution. Internet is being consumed by Gen Y and Gen X in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, as well as in villages. For retailers, social media platforms have become a point of interaction with their users, as Indian consumers are spending major time online, accessing social media through hand held devices, notebooks and desktops.” 

In terms of details of the buying behavior, “Buying today is primarily taking place via smartphones, tablets etc. Thus, from e-commerce, Indian consumers are gradually moving to m-commerce. With such tough competition, brands will stand out only if they provide users a personalised brand experience. With ad-tech companies, brands get the advantage of recognising a potential customer, mapping their online behaviour and reaching them through varied devices throughout the user journey.”