Madura Garments Charts IT Roadmap

by Sunil Kumar    Jun 28, 2005

Madura Garments, part of Indian Rayon and Industries Limited, and the flagship company of the Aditya Birla group, has planned a host of IT initiatives for the forthcoming year.

In an exclusive to CXOtoday, N. P. Singh, VP- IT and e-commerce, said, “We have planned three IT initiatives for the coming year. One of these is enterprise portal, an initiative, which would make anybody and everybody in the enterprise login faster, quicker and smarter. In short, this is a virtual office which would make knowledge management easier, and a portal for employee self-service.”

Outlining the second initiative he said, “We plan to implement RFID, which would be deployed in the coming few weeks between factory warehouses. This is planned for the whole of our sales field force, which would operate from A class cities including all the major metros. The initiative would link 8 factories on the outskirts of Bangalore, while also linking cities such as Pune and Bangalore.”

“Another initiative in the pipeline is a CRM initiative, which is still in the discussion stage. Some of the other proposals include collaborating with key vendors that are expected to result in tangible savings to the enterprise,” he added.

According to Singh, the support for all these initiatives would be provided from vendors such as HP and Wipro Infotech.

According to him, the total cost of implementation for these initiatives was minimal considering fees for SAP licenses had gone down.

In terms of ROI for the enterprise, he stated, “ROI for these initiatives would be in terms of inventory and dormancy reduction, production lead time reduction and reduction in terms of debtors and creditors lead time.”

“However, intangible benefits would keep accruing to the enterprise, which could later be converted to tangible benefits,” he noted.

Speaking about some of the earlier initiatives he said, “Previous initiatives including APO, Business Intelligence Warehousing, and an HR module, which was mapped in SAP had already been implemented and are giving great benefits to Madura.”

“The HR module had assisted in training and development, and further recruitment for Madura. These initiatives had gone live in July 2002 and have been giving great tangible returns to Madura,” concluded Singh.