Mail Your Voice

by Rajendra Chaudhary    Feb 20, 2006

Hyderabad based NowPos Online Services, an R&D-led Online-Voice technologies company has launched a voice based email service it claims has the potential to make the existing text based emails a thing of the past.

vMail is a free service, and one has to simply login in to, and register as a user to avail of the service. Once logged in, users can either send voice mails by clicking the compose button and speaking their message, or listen to the voice emails via headsets or a speaker.

Users can compose a voice mail of up to three minutes long. Though the sender will have to be registered with NowPos, the receiver doesn’t have to be a registered user to listen to the vMail.

The vMail service utilizes NowPos’s own patent pending voice encryption technology and is based on a Linux and Java platforms. The company first started work on the theme as an experiment in July 2004, which it later developed into a full-fledged mailing service on account of subsequent successes.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Ayyappa Nagubandi, Leader (title equivalent of CEO), NowPos said, “This next-generation web-based email with voice is going to simplify and provide a richer, friendlier mailing experience for the users. With vMail, restrictive aspects like text, typing, computer literacy, and knowledge of English, among others, won’t limit users from sending and receiving mails effortlessly.”

Responding to a question on the applicability and prospects of vMail in businesses, Nagubandi informed CXOtoday that they have already implemented the product for a government sector client and a bio-pharmaceutical company since the unofficial launch of the vMail in November last year and are currently in talks with a few others.

The vMail could also have implications in the BPO vertical, considering that it usually has voice based user interface.

Those bothered by unsolicited adds and junk mail will have the option of not having to listen to them by paying a fee and availing of a special service which the company will be launching soon.

The TrulyIntelligent Technologies subsidiary, with a staff of just over 20 people has been positioned number one in a list of “Top 20 Broadband Innovations in Asia Pacific” by Frost & Sullivan.