Making 5G The New Enterprise Reality

by Sohini Bagchi    Feb 17, 2017


In today’s digital world, disruption is inevitable. At a time when 4G is already well-established, it is obvious that 5G, the next generation in development, will emerge in a market to create further disruption. And work around 5G is already underway worldwide, with Ericsson forecasting a $582 billion market opportunity for 5G technology by 2026. 

The Swedish telecom major recently introduced a 5G platform to accelerate the path to next generation wireless services. As Arun Bansal, Head of Business Unit Network Products at Ericsson said, ”With this launch, we introduce our 5G platform to support the beginning of a huge change in network capabilities, allowing our customers to offer more advanced use cases and new business models to their customers.”

Changing the enterprise game

The new disruptive technology that will hit the market by 2020 can have a significant impact on the enterprise. AS 5G promises much greater speed and lower latency than 4G, it will change the way CIOs and the entire IT industry works.

5G will act as a catalyst for innovation across much of the IT industry,” according to a new report from 451 Research“Whether it is real-time analytics, datacenter design, location-based Web services, or social networks and digital currencies, 5G will affect demand patterns.”

Experts believe, 5G resolves most if not all the issues that hinder 4G. “5G is about solving the wireless challenges that exist today, including reliability for multiple devices, energy efficiency and bandwidth standards that will enable the transformation of industry and society in the areas of connected smart cities, remote surgery, driverless cars and the Internet of Things,” said Ho Seong Kim, ASEAN Communication, Media and High Tech Lead at Accenture in an article [Read the full article here]. 

Not only will 5G enable the number of IoT devices and sensors to explode, it will also transform the types of interactions the IoT will support, for example, in manufacturing. “Robots will be connected to the cloud in real time for safety and correction,” explains Markus Dillinger, director for industry communications for Smart Grid at Huawei, in an article, indicating that once enterprises begin to take advantage of IoT-enabled business models, they can well take advantage of it for greater innovation and profit.

Overcoming roadblocks

Despite the opportunity, there are still many unknowns surrounding 5G – the standards are incomplete, the rollout timeline is unclear, and whether it will live up to its promise is again a million dollar question. As a report by Forbes Insights, in association with Huawei mentioned that business leaders believe that mobile and wireless are critical to the way they do business, but they worry that their needs are outpacing existing access networks.

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A Forbes Insights global survey of more than 1,000 executives found a capability gap: more than one-third of all executives say that their current systems already can’t support the evolving needs of their business, including more than half (55%) of executives at organizations with revenues in excess of $10 billion. The problem is most pressing in the Asia/Pacific region, where 38% of all executives agree they’ve out- grown their networks, followed closely by Europe (36%) and North America (34%).

Opportunity in disruption

2017 has been described as a defining year for 5G and that it will undoutedly shake things up, both for mobile telephony operators and for enterprises. Operators, predictably, will be the first to experience 5G’s disruptions. “Operators will need to fundamentally rethink core network design. Lower-cost, low-power and low-latency networks will not be possible using the same technology that has been used in the past,” continues the 451 Research report. “5G will push operators toward virtualized, software-defined and cloud-centric distributed computing models of service delivery.”

The disruption, however, extends well beyond the operators. “5G will help to realize a completely new world for consumers, for vertical industries and for operators, believe experts. As Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer at Forbes Media said, “Organizations with an eye on the future are already anticipating the impact of 5G technology,” As 5G will help to realize a completely new world for consumers, for vertical industries they are working on long-term plans to innovate and realize value from this, he said.