Manthan to preview ARC with action points at NRF 2011

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 15, 2010

BIManthan Systems, business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions provider for the retail industry, announced that it will be pre-viewing ARC action points, a series of retail business process execution modules. It will be demonstrating the modules for SKU rationalization, price management and vendor rebates at the NRF big show in January 2011.

ARC action points extends ARC’s guided analytical capabilities to allow for simulation and modeling of ‘best outcome’ decisions, and then through collaborative workflows provides the capabilities for decisions to be reviewed, approved and executed. ARC action points provide the packaged set of capabilities for retailers to exploit ‘Operational BI’, informed the company.

“Prior to ARC action points, a retailer would typically buy separate, narrowly focused best of breed solutions usually from a variety of software vendors. This approach, is not only extraordinarily expensive, but in the end, retail business users end up with a confusing variety of interfaces and workflows, and IT faces a perpetual nightmare of complex integration and support,” explained Peter Charness, president, Manthan Americas.

“ARC with Action Points is built from the ground up with a single consistent business interface, delivered through a high performance data warehouse for an investment that absolutely shatters the traditional cost for a solution of this nature,” Charness further added.

Citing operational BI as a much talked yet infrequently implemented concept Brian Kilcourse of RSR said that, Manthan Systems has taken an interesting approach to this opportunity, leveraging their strong retail analytics capabilities by adding on the possibility of Action and Interaction as part of a continuous decision making cycle.