Automation to boost marketing credibity, says study

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 16, 2013


Marketing automation is the system of optimizing resources and automating time consuming repetitive tasks which give businesses an edge in this highly competitive market space. A new study from Ovum’s Digital Marketing and Connected Customer practice has revealed that business leaders who ignore the benefits of marketing automation, will face competitive disadvantage. Automation is fast becoming a means to attract and keep customers and is key to the long term survival of a business.

Gerry Brown, senior digital marketing analyst at Ovum says that automation can provide a big boost to marketing’s credibility. It has the power to change the common perception of marketing being a cost center to becoming a source of revenue and customer loyalty. “Marketing professionals that ignore the significance of automation in the face of stakeholder pressure to be accountable, measurable, and transparent do so at their own peril,” warns Brown.

The report further states that many far sighted CEOs and CMOs are already using marketing automation tools. But more organizations need to wake up to the trend. Marketing automation technology tools, improved industry benchmarks, campaign experimentation, and revenue predictions will pave the way for marketing innovation.

In order for organizations to embrace marketing innovation, it is important to incorporate new collaborative models with the existing hierarchies. Organizations will need to initiate a mix of analytical, technical, and creative talents into their marketing strategy to make use of the opportunities of digital marketing.

Gerry Brown also stated that while marketing automation can reap many benefits, the path needs to be tread carefully. This is because, marketing automation also requires dedication and sustained resource commitment to achieve success, especially in the area of data management.