McAfee Acquires SiteAdvisor, Secures Web Search

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 06, 2006

McAfee, a leading provider of intrusion prevention and security risk management, has announced that it has acquired Web safety innovator SiteAdvisor.

The acquisition would redefine the way consumers surf the Internet, offering an unprecedented level of protection and confidence as they search, browse and transact online, feels Bill Kerrigan, Executive VP, McAfee Consumer.

Kerrigan feels that SiteAdvisor’s patent-pending technology strongly complements McAfee’s existing solutions.

SiteAdvisor identifies potentially dangerous Web sites that have engaged in spyware, adware, spam, browser attacks and online scams. The easy-to-use software summarizes these findings with intuitive red, yellow, and green icons that empower users to decide what to avoid.

“The acquisition further illustrates how McAfee continues to understand and meet the digital safety and security needs of consumers, just as we did when we began offering ‘Security as a Service’ seven years ago,” commented Kerrigan.

He pointed out that one significant advantage offered by SiteAdvisor is that it helps consumers gain a new level of safety when they use search services such as Google, Yahoo! or MSN.

The acquired company instantly displays its safety ratings next to each search result to help users make informed decisions about the sites they visit. In addition, as users surf the Internet, a small SiteAdvisor safety button on their browser toolbar changes color based on the safety rating for each site.

According to Chris Dixon, CEO and Co-founder, SiteAdvisor, “McAfee’s platform of innovative products and services would enable us to help a huge, world-wide audience to search, browse, and transact online with greater confidence and safety than they’ve ever done before.”