McAfee Extends Security Risk Management Portfolio

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 08, 2006

In order to enhance its security risk management portfolio, McAfee Inc has unveiled two new offerings, McAfee Foundstone Enterprise 5.0, and McAfee Preventsys Compliance Auditor and Risk Analyser.

The integrated risk management offerings are intended to enable customers with prioritizing their risks, protecting their critical assets, and automating the manually intensive process of reporting security compliance.

McAfee Foundstone Enterprise 5.0 offers the capability to effortlessly prioritize and rank their highest-value business assets, identify their most critical security vulnerabilities and the threats. This enables organizations to more efficiently respond to their most significant issues by deploying the proper resources where they are needed most.

It works in conjunction with McAfee Preventsys Compliance Auditor to provide advanced policy compliance reporting capabilities. Customers can now take in Foundstone data and link corporate security policies and standards to specific checks to ensure that business policy objectives are being followed over the system.

Foundstone 5.0’s automated reporting also helps enterprises reduce IT operating costs and achieve real-time metrics to alleviate their security safety. It provides customers with advanced credential-based scans of UNIX systems, including recent versions of Red Hat Enterprise, Solaris and AIX. The in-depth assessment provide customers with a better understanding of their total vulnerabilities so they can reduce their risk and get a detailed view of their risk posture.

McAfee Preventsys Compliance Auditor supports centralized auditing across all aspects of policy: process, procedure and technical controls, which provides a consistent way to reduce the costs associated with demonstrating security compliance.

Further, McAfee Preventsys Risk Analyzer consolidates and analyzes security data from multi-vendor sources, significantly reducing the time it takes to get a clear, prioritized picture of security risks, compliance issues, and monitor changes to an organization’s risk.

The new products are available now.