McAfee plans for an easy to deploy DLP solution

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 23, 2010

McAfee has announced plans for the latest version of its data loss prevention (DLP) solution that addresses growing concerns about the security of regulated data and sensitive information. The technology is planned to include a common policy across all components, database crawling, easier workflow through the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform and greatly improved support for Microsoft Active Directory. Built upon unique data analytics technology, McAfee DLP technology provides comprehensive data protection — from the USB drive to the firewall and beyond.

McAfee DLP technology can be deployed within days as opposed to the typical six to nine month period, allowing organizations to immediately test policies against corporate data and achieve faster time to value. There will be a tight integration between McAfee DLP and the rest of
the McAfee data protection portfolio allows for automated responses to
threats in a coordinated way. Also the advanced data analytics gives
customers deep understanding about how their data is used allowing them
to better anticipate problems that would otherwise go undiscovered.

"Due to limitations inherent in legacy DLP solutions, organizations have had to take a brute force approach to protecting data. With McAfee Data Loss Prevention technology we can now enable the deployment of DLP that is cost effective and quick to value," said Gerhard Watzinger.