MDM Prices to Soar, Courtesy BYOD

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 12, 2012

Mobile device managementMobile device management (MDM) is expected to be expensive in the coming years, posing challenges for enterprises, revealed a recent Osterman Research report. The key reason behind this rise in MDM costs involves increasing security within the enterprise which the research firm termed as “a follow-on effect from BYOD.”

The research said that full-time staff requirements to manage smartphones has increased from 2.9 per 1,000 devices to 3.6, in just one year from 2011 to 2012 and is expected to reach as high as 4.0 in the coming year. Osterman also noted that corresponding annual IT labor costs were reported at $229 per user in 2011, now up to $294, and expected to hit $339 per user in 2013.

“The increasing complexity associated with mobile device management in the workplace is being driven in large part by the growing number of personally owned devices or BYOD that are being used by employees alongside company supplied devices,” said Scott Gode, vice president of product management at Osterman Research.

“With more and more enterprises supporting end user requests for device choice (via either BYOD or expanded corporate purchase options) security and management oversight of corporation mobile environments is waning,” added Gode. The rise in MDM costs will also see many organizations to switch to newer MDM platforms in order to slash their IT cost. This is especially true for mid-sized entities who will consider either a managed MDM service and/or cloud-based approach for their MDM solutions.

As per the research, nearly 56 percent of organisations that have not yet deployed an MDM solution will do in the next two years, with 32 percent confirming they will have an MDM solution by 2013.

“In general, corporate IT is just beginning to understand the threat of a poorly managed mobile environment. As such, the majority of enterprises are in the early stages of evaluating the various solutions that are available for mobile device management,” said Gode.

Gode said that the survey would be a wake-up call for companies to realise they should implement an MDM solution.” He believes those opting for a cloud-based solution noted simpler administration and maintenance being their top reason for switching, with predictable or reduced costs. some enterprises also believe in choosing a cloud MDM solution to avoid using internal IT staff resources.

“The pros and cons of going with a cloud-based solution for MDM are essentially the same as with other technologies,” said Gode. However, he said as the MDM category is so new, there is no feature set trade-off yet when choosing between a cloud versus non-cloud, high-end MDM solution.