Media Direction Launches Online Reporting Site

by Julia Fernandes    Mar 23, 2005

International media buying agency OMD’s Indian arm, Media Direction India (R K Swamy / BBDO) has launched a special online reporting website for its client Sara Lee Household Products Ltd.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Sandip Tarkas, CEO of Media Direction, said, “The primary driving factor of developing such a website was the facilitate MIS generation for clients. With this system, clients can have up-to-the-minute online access to ad spend data.”

Designed and implemented by media-focused IT solutions provider Mediaware Infotech, the system, comprises of three modules. The first module enables Media Direction to extract live data from its media office server located at Chennai. It also allows the company to add Gross Rating Points (GRP) data. GRPs are the sum of ratings of a set of ad occurrences.

The second module enables the company to upload the entire data to its secure Web server on a daily basis, while its client Sara Lee can view the latest data through a Web-based reporting software. This software resides on Media Direction’s Web server and permits Sara Lee executives to view brand wise ad spend reports.

Developed on Microsoft’s .Net platform, all the three modules work in tandem to achieve the desired result.

According to Biswajit Das, CEO of Mediaware Infotech, “Media Direction’s Web server, stores the latest data in an RDBMS. This data is regularly synchronized with their media operations data pertaining to Sara Lee, by connecting to the Web server located in Chennai.”

“A detailed user rights database allows restricted access to executives based on their seniority and functional needs. For example, senior managers would be able to access the entire ad spend data, while a brand manager would get to see only his brand’s ad-spend,” specified Das.

Examining the challenges Das said, “The key challenge was in synchronizing the data between Media Direction’s Chennai server and its Web Server. Adding to the complexity was the fact that external data like GRP had to be added to the data extracted. Now all that Media Direction needs to do is run the ‘data synchronize’ module regularly and ensure Web server security.”

According to Tarkas, it took three months for the entire project to go live, while it took Mediaware round about 8 to 10 months for putting in place the whole process.

When queried whether the company would launch similar website for its other clients, Tarkas stated that it all boiled down to client needs and volumes. For e.g. for clients in the FMCG sector such a website would be highly essential, while for other clients the existing resources would be sufficient.”