MediaTek enters 3G market with multimedia phone solution MT6268

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 20, 2010

3G phoneMediaTek, a wireless and consumer electronics SoCs, released its multimedia phone solutions MT6268, MT6236 with advanced camera, Internet experience and Dual SIM ,Single-Chip GSM/GPRS entry-multimedia solution MT6253 and smartphone solution MT6516.

“With MT6268 multimedia solution, MediaTek has started reaching out to 3G market. The 3G strategic layout of MediaTek will be significant for the industrialization and the future moment of the 3G market in India,” remarked Grant Kuo, MD, MediaTek.

MT6268 and MT6236 series are based on the first generation chips that have gone through rigorous IOT testing and field trials; and are available in both commercial and industrial temp packages for extreme outdoor environment.

MT6268 supports 3G offers features such as support for video calling, 5MP camera, high GPRS speed, integrated BT, dual SIM and full html browser. The company informed that, it is intended to address the need of embedded devices for low power with its patented power saving technology.

As stated by MediaTek, MT6253 integrates a number of mobile phone chips based components, not only in hardware rich multimedia applications, the software also part of a more fluid integration of VRE middleware. MT6253 enables application to load from storage without using other dynamic loading technology purchase, such as Java virtual machine.

Arun Gupta, director business development, MediaTek, who believes that quality, is a key factor for the success of a product like mobile phone. “This not only means to a variety of technology integration on a chip, but also the need to maintain high stability and excellent chip performance. MediaTek’s highly integrated single-chip mobile phone solutions will achieve fruitful results and ensure quality,” Gupta concluded.