Megasoft launches MYPeers to lift falling ARPUs

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 13, 2007

XIUS, the telecom division of Megasoft Limited has unveiled a peer to peer communication product - MYPeers.

The product would add a potent revenue stream to (Mobile Virtual Network Operators)MVNOs, (Mobile Network Operators)MNOs and other
telecom service providers by enabling them to provide enhanced peer-to-peer communication tools, a statement issued here said today.

GV Kumar, Managing Director & CEO, Megasoft Ltd. & XIUS, said “XIUS has endeavoured to develop innovative products and solutions for the global telecom industry year after year. For industry players, in today’s falling ARPU(Average Revenue per Unit) scenario, MYPeers will add a potent revenue stream to MVNOs, MNOs and other telecom service providers by enabling them to provide enhanced peer-to-peer communication tools”.

Elaborating on the concept, Kumar said, “To explain what it means in terms of applications, let us consider two friends ‘A’ & ‘B’. Between the two peers, when ‘A’ sends an SMS to ‘B’ asking him to meet him at Starbucks, the MYPeers engine adds to the message, additional and useful information, such as contact numbers for a taxi, directions on how to reach Starbucks etc. Such a context-based messaging assists ‘B’ to reach the place without him having to make efforts. By this many end users would get relevant help based on content sent from the source peer.”

Peer-to-peer value-add in active communication is touted as the next ‘killer application’ in communication. The adoption of this new innovation, on peer to peer active content enhancement, will enable service providers an additional stream of revenue from the content and advertisement industry and also indirectly through subscription of the

This also helps service provider to subsidize, incentivize or just provide additional benefits to subscriber services. MYPeers’ Real time value-add to active communication is enabled through multi channels viz., Short Message Service, Multimedia message, Instant Message, Email, Video sharing, Video over SS7, TDM, HTTP, SIP etc. The subscriber initiates this enhancement services based on his destination, demography, content and location.

The target market for MYPeers include MVNOs, MNOs, ISPs, cable operators, IP service providers and many other types of telecom service providers. Initially to be introduced in the US and European markets, it will subsequently be made available throughout the globe.